DELAFOI Photo Exhibition Magazine No. 1

DELAFOI Photo Exhibition Magazine No. 1


This is the first issue of the DELAFOI Photo Exhibition  Magazine, ’In Search of The Light’, my own project to exhibit my art in a mobile and portable format.

It is my own creation and production and a result of my vision to reclaim the physical experience of photography, sprung from my own desire to hold, touch and share all things beautiful in a world where everything is digital.

Each of the 100 art pieces is signed and numbered, which makes the magazine not only the framework for the exhibition, but by nature a major part of it.

This is me, the open heart of who I am and the portfolio to what I hold and what I see. I am an artist only eight minutes from the sun and 'Défenseur de la Foi’ is my sanctuary.

Produced by the creative bureau Smith Jones. Printed by Rolf Tryckeri AB. 
Shipping Sweden: €3.50 | Shipping rest of the world: €5.90

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