Print & Destroy

The DELAFOI-method of 'Print & Destroy' aims to reclaim the experience of a printed image by emphasizing everything from edition to the scent of the ink and the structure of the paper.

Life is not mass-produced, it is built by unrepeatable moments, and this method allows me to stop and step away from the small screens of today, with their infinite flickering of images, and invite you to do the same. 

- The basic rules are simple; I produce one (1/1) large print and erase all original files in post-production. An absolute guarantee that the photo on your wall is the only existing copy. 

It's a unique method in the world of photography, but aligned with my overall creative process, to reclaim the experience of any creative moment. 

“To let things go is a special feeling for a photographer. We are used to several photocopies, different sizes, and there is always that feeling, that possibility, that you can go back and change whatever you think needs changing. But by fully committing to a ‘print and destroy production’ I eliminate all of that. It makes me sharper. It makes me better.”
— Martin de la Foi