"I would rather die of passion than of boredom"
[Vincent van Gogh]

Farewell To An Island

Farewell To An Island


Six years is what you gave me. Six years or just a moment of your time. A kiss on the cheek for The Ancient, a mark on the soul for the mortals. For six years I went searching for all the answers. For six years our hearts never stopped.

You took me walking through your ever-changing moods, and you dared me to go further while I dared you to let me in. I crossed boundaries for you, did things I probably shouldn’t. Saw death and life, I sang, cried and laughed. With all my heart. With everything I had.

With you. No one but you.

I loved the way you'd let the veil of your late evening breeze casually fall down the mountainsides of the north. I loved your winter storms and summer skies. I loved your sweet desert rain sweeping in from the south, your midnight darkness and your bright mornings. You opened my heart. You told me all your secrets.

I learned how to pray in your highlands while you stubbornly tried to teach me patience on your tiny beaches. I tasted your salt and spilled blood on your rocks. We shared hard times, anger and frustration. We made friends and enemies. 

I loved every bit of you.

Now everything about us has changed. First I thought it was just a phase, something that happens to all of us, but it just kept going. Our conversations got shorter, sharper words and awkward silences. I started to feel rejected, and you said I shouldn’t take things so personally.

I watched you lose yourself in pleasing others while I lost myself coming down from the mountain. Now you don’t have time for me anymore, and I can’t find my way back to the love we once shared.

What once was my church is now just a backdrop. A beautiful scenery drained from its former depth by those bold enough to claim it. Sometimes I can hear you ask for more time, but you know patience was never really my thing.

I did my last walk today, passing one of our most precious places. Tried to remember how it all began, why you chose me and why I fell at your feet without hesitation. But it’s all different now, and there's no going back. It's inevitable. Our paths have to part.

Please, let us not make a scene. We’ve both tried our best to make this work, don't let us lose our dignity as well.

That night we went walking? When you showed me your highest ground, and I told you my lowest moments? I left you something there, by the donkey and the tree, the place we so often shared. I know you’ll find it. Keep it. It's something to remember me by. 

It's for the hundreds of hours I’ve put my feet on your ground. For the five pairs of shoes that have been worn out on your soil. For not letting me lose faith again. You drew the blueprints of the church I made, and I’ll always keep it close to heart. You gave me everything, so please let me stay, if only as a memory. 

I want you to know that I am more than just a kiss on the cheek, that I am more than my prayers, that I am more than my fears. I want you to remember me for the one I was when we reached so high. As one of those who will always care for you, and who will miss you, endlessly. 

Remember me; I am one of the brave.

So, farewell my love, adiós Mallorca’. I am leaving now, and while you’re cut adrift in that big blue sea of yours, your secrets will always be safe with me.

Kiss Me!

Kiss Me!

Exhibition | Nit de l'Art in Biniaraix 2018

Exhibition | Nit de l'Art in Biniaraix 2018